Hyde V3 Availability

Hyde V3

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Hyde V3 Availability

Hyde V3 is said to only going to be release to Brick and Mortar shops. There is only one problem with that who goes to brick and mortar shops any more? Not many. I do on occasion just if I waited to long to get it online before mine ran out. Another problem with this is I have been to almost every brick and mortar shop around and asked about Hyde V3 and none of them new what I was talking about. No one had it.

I took to the internet despite what Pro Supps had said. One of the only places I could find it at first was Pro Supps own website. They have it for sale for $59.99. If you ask me that is way over priced for any pre-workout drink I don’t care what it does. I kept searching and now I have found it for only $39.99

Hyde V3 Availability
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