5 Reasons Why Your Not Loosing Weight


Having Trouble Losing Weight?

 5 Reasons Why You Might

Not be Losing Weight

      1. Sleep Deprivation

If you are an average American you are getting less sleep than we should and that could be do to the fast pace lifestyle of some Americans. The fast pace lifestyle of average Americans could contribute to less sleep. You may not know this but when we are sleeping our body releases powerful fat-burning hormones that speed weight loss up. Especially when your training your body needs time to rest and recover so every extra minute counts.

   2. Realistic Goals

I am big on setting goals and achieving them. It is important to set realistic goals, though. Start out by setting a goal that is easy to obtain. For instance one less pop that day, one less drive through meal, or replace on an unhealthy snack with a healthy one. Set realistic weight goals. When you set goals that are too high you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s good to have long term goals and short terms goals that may need to be adjusted as the time goes on.

   3. Skipping Meals 

Many people believe that skipping meals or drastically lowering your calorie intake is going to help them lose weight. When it is really just the opposite. When you drastically reduce calorie intake it causes your body to hold onto the fat and use muscle deposits as energy which lowers your metabolism. You need to eat, eat, and eat but Eat the right stuff. You are going to need to eat whole, nutrient-rich proteins, fats and carbohydrates to boost the metabolism and in order to shed fat.

   4. Plain and Simple Laziness 

Average Americans love to watch T.V. or do anything else besides exercise. You have to schedule time for your fitness and stick to it. This includes not just going to the gym or going for that walk but actually prepping for your week’s meals. It takes time but remember you’re worth it, your health is worth it. Without your health you have nothing. So take the time to prep those meals, go for that walk and stick to it don’t get distracted.

   5. Some People Like to Drink

You work so hard in the gym to burn calories, lose weight, and gain lean muscle. Then you go home and drink alcohol which is counter productive to what you just spent hours doing. Alcohol is empty calories so all those calories you just worked so hard to burn off was for nothing. Alcohol also has a bad effect on your tendons and muscle growth. It is recommended that you limit your alcohol intake to one or two drinks a week or cut it out altogether. 


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5 Reasons Why Your Not Loosing Weight
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