5000 Calorie Meal Plan

5000 Calorie Meal Plan

This 5000 calorie meal plan isn’t for someone trying to cut weight. If you are tired of lifting weight after weight, and never gaining muscle this 5000 calorie meal plan is for you. If you’re trying to bulk up to gain muscle or trying to prep for a show this 5000 calorie diet is for you. An average person consumes 2000 calories per day to maintain his or her weight. The guys in the gym that are bulking up and gaining muscle quickly could be taking in 5000 calories in a day. This way they can beef up as well and look like those human giants that walk up and down your gym.

When it comes to increasing mass and gaining strength, the normal intake of calories is never enough. Many pieces of research and subsequent personal experience prove that a 5000 calorie diet intake per day is enough to change the way your body looks only after a few weeks, just like those beefed up guys in your gym or your trainer. Just lifting heavy will not give you the required body shape and size that you need as a diet is one of the most important components of changing body size. The more you workout and the more you want to gain the more calories you’re going to have to intake.



More is good? NO!

If someone says to you that you should eat four fast food meals a day to get up to the 5000 calorie mark per day, he is out of his mind. You need a well-balanced diet with portions of food to acquire the right portions of protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals in order to achieve a big body which looks good as well. Therefore, a balanced 5000 calorie diet is essentially important. You don’t need a belly problem once you start bulking with food and in the gym so proportional eating is essential.

The table below shows a balanced plan for achieving a 5000 calorie intake per day.


5000 Calorie Meal Plan


4 Egg whites
Cream cheese|

56g Protein

61g Carbohydrates

29g Fats

Calories: 760

Morning snack

Protein Powder 2 scoops
Skim Milk 12 oz
Peanut Butter

65g Protein

78g Carbohydrate

22g Fats

Calories: 738


Top Sirloin Steak – 12 ounces
Brown Rice
Sweet Potato

143g Protein

104g Carbohydrate

32g Fats

Calories: 1323

Mid Meal

Lean Ground Beef – 7% fat – 8 ouches
Whole wheat pasta
Sweet Potato

56g Protein

65g Carbohydrate

18g Fats

Calories: 653


Grilled Salmon – 10 ounces
Brown rice
Veggies/Small Salad

61g Protein

90g Carbohydrate

39g Fats

Calories: 1070

Late Snack

Protein Powder – 2 scoops
Skim Milk 2% – 12 ounces
Natural Peanut Butter – 1

60g Protein

28g Carbohydrate

20g Fats

Calories: 517


The above-mentioned plan gives you a total of 5061 calories in a single day. The important thing to remember is that there should be a three-hour difference between each meal. Starting early morning is the key so you go to bed with digested calories rather than the stomach full of beef. The portion configuration of this diet is such that it gives you a total Protein intake of 441 grams, 426 grams of Carbohydrates and 160 grams of Fat. Using the 70-30 rule, we know that we cannot grow above a specific body size until we eat the right amount of food. You can experiment with different food portions and sizes as well.

*results may vary and always check with your doctor before starting any diet or workout plan

Invest in your health it is the best thing you can do.

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5000 Calorie Meal Plan
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