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Anavar Oral Steroid

Anavar an Oral Steroid

A day will hardly pass without hearing some gossip about Anavar Oral Steroid. That is why I decided to conduct a detailed review about the product, examining its side effects, ingredients, clinical research, and the customer satisfaction. I considered the customer reviews and responses from the product that is available on the internet. After that, I compressed the facts and feedback I found to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision. To start with, what is Anavar? It is an oral steroid.

Looking to Purchase Anavar

If you are looking to purchase Anavar here are 2 different options.


Always consult a doctor before using any steroid.



About Anavar

Anavar is a form of steroid that health professionals prescribe to individuals with weight loss disorders. Because the product is controlled, people can not buy it over the counter in the United States. The medical name of Anavar is Oxandrolone.

Generally, health professionals require users to take the steroid two to four times in a day – the directions highly very depending on the user. Anavar Oral Steroid has anabolic effects on the body and therefore most bodybuilders have been using it to bulk up, to build more lean muscle mass and to increase their overall strength. However, you should always remember that the steroid does not improve testosterone production in the body. If you are looking to increase your testosterone in your body see this post on TestoFuel.

A brief history of the product

Searle Laboratories, the product creator, released it to the market in the year 1964. After the release, people needed a doctor’s prescription to buy it. Today, however, some companies are using the same name to distribute over-the-counter versions of the product. Licensed doctors from different parts of the globe regulate the steroid and if your body weight is very low, you might get it prescribe.

How the product works

The manufacturer uses dehydroepiandrosterone to make the product. Dehydroepiandrosterone comes from dihydrotestosterone, it is molecularly similar to the dihydrotestosterone, and therefore, your body will treat it in a similar way – like the androgen hormone.

In other words, after swallowing the Anavar Oral Steroid the body responds the same way it would respond after receiving an increase in the testosterone level, which subsequently increases the muscle mass, the strength, and your energy. What’s more, the product helps the user burn more fat through increased body metabolism. One of the many reasons it is used by bodybuilders.

When buying the Anavar Oral Steroid, remember that it will not transform the shape of your body on its own. You will have to engage in regular workouts and eat more proteins – that is the case with all steroids available in the market. By taking the product while engaging in workouts, your body will become more anabolic.

Put differently, you still gain more energy and vigor, which is important in attacking workouts. Your body will also respond faster and develop bigger, thicker muscles while burning any undesired fats in your body. The amount of fat reduces because the product helps the body ramp up its anabolic processes with the available energy to make more hard muscles. Anyone who uses Anavar Oral Steroid has hard, vascular ripped appearance that would be hard to get.

Best Qualities

Anavar isn’t considered to be the steroid that you are going to see massive muscle gains. It is considered a mild anabolic steroid. One of the best things about Anavar is that the gains you get will be quality gains and likely stay even after the cycle whereas with other steroids you are going to loose about 20 to 30% of your muscle gain. Anavar can be used by male and female bodybuilders.  Anavar doesn’t affect your body’s natural testosterone production making it a great steroid to use while letting your body recover from other cycles.

Anavar Stacking and Cycling

Unlike most steroids in the market, the key goal of Anavar Oral Steroid is to help increase weight and strength. It also is known for decreasing your amount of fat. It is therefore popular amongst individuals working to build more strength and more toned muscles. That influenced people to name it the “Cutting Steroid”. Generally, the dosage of individuals buying the product online ranges from 20mg to 100mg in a day for a 6-12 week cycle – some people consider using more than 150mg in a day. Female bodybuilders mostly opt for dosages between 2.5mg and 10mg per day as they are enough to enhance their strength and muscle gain.

Anavar stacking refers to the act of using the steroid with other steroids in aiming of achieving the desired result. Men rely on stacking during the cutting periods with an aim of reducing their body fat. Men and women can stack for cutting or bulking purposes.

In the bodybuilding world, cycling refers to the period whereby individuals take a steroid for a given amount of time and then cycle off and let the body rest for some time. Men’s cycling is different from that of a woman and highly varies depending on the bodybuilder’s personal preferences. Female bodybuilders can cycle for up to six weeks. On the other hand, men’s cycles can exceed eight weeks. Unlike with many steroids, the non-use period is shorter – it ranges from three to four weeks for male and female bodybuilders.

The product’s pros and cons

Like any other product in the market, Anavar has its pros and cons. The following are some of the benefits and disadvantages to consider when deciding on whether to buy the product.


– The product can help you get the vascular appearance you need within a shorter time. Generally, users who cycle the compound become vascular within five to six days after starting its use.

– With Anavar, you can produce extra strength without gaining extra fat. With the product, you will take your daily workouts to another level.

– The steroid has been helping bodybuilders shed unwanted fat. Furthermore, it helps them achieve that without affecting their muscle mass. They are able to maintain or build more lean muscles.

– The product improves bone density

– If you like feeling pumped during your workouts, you will enjoy being on Anavar.


– If you are a starter, the product might affect your natural levels of testosterone. In other words, your body might start producing lesser testosterone after you have completed your workouts.

– It can cause hair loss and acne due to increased anabolic hormones

– The steroid might increase your risk of blood vessels and heart problems

– It can trigger fatal liver problems such as liver cysts, liver failure, and liver tumors

– It can lower your sex libido, cause vomiting, headache, and nausea

The bottom line

Anavar is an oral steroid in the current market. Unlike many steroids, it has lesser side effects and since the year 1964, health practitioners have prescribed it to help promote weight increase among individuals with weight disorders. Bodybuilders purchase the product from online stores for use in stacking and cycling. If you desire the associated benefits, remember to buy it from a trustworthy distributor.

Purchasing Anavar

  1. If you are looking to purchase Anavar here are 2 different options.

    Always consult a doctor before using any steroid.

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