Back Workouts

Back Workouts

I just got down with an amazing back workout and thought I would share it with you. My back and my chest used to be the 2 muscle groups I would have the hardest time getting pumped about. Now with this new workout I don’t have any troubles getting excited to workout it out. Lets face it to as I get older the more I need to workout my  back to keep from having back issues later in life.

Back Workouts Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight
Pullover 3 Set 10 Reps
Lat Pulldown 3 Sets 10 Reps
Dead Lifts 3 Sets 12 Reps
Wide Grip Pull-Up

You may not get to see your back in the mirror most of the time. However, the muscles in your back are important unlike what most people think. Naturally, the muscles in your back are weaker because you move through life forward. But if you neglect the muscles in your back, you will have to contend with various back complications including difficulty balancing your body and back pain. To prevent these problems and for aesthetic purposes, you need to engage in regular back workouts.

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Benefits of working your back muscles include:

Preventing back injuries

Back muscles such as the latissimus dorsi are used for flexibility, rotation and extension. If you do not work out these muscles, you will end up getting hurt doing something as basic as kneeling down to pick up keys you just dropped on the floor.

Aesthetic purposes

Great back workouts create a sculptured backside that looks good as you walk. In addition, a strong back keep your spine healthy and helps in maintaining a pristine posture.

Muscular balance

Working your back and front muscles creates muscular balance making you a super-functioning person. If you concentrate on working the front side muscles but neglect the muscles in your back, you will develop muscle imbalance leading to pain and discomfort.

Here are top Back Workouts:

Pull ups or chin ups

Pull ups and chin ups are highly recommended for people who want to have a strong back. These workouts build width because they target the large back muscles that wrap around the sides of the upper body just under the arms commonly known as latissimus dorsi or lats. Lats are the muscles that are responsible for giving your torso a flared shape which make you look slimmer even when you have not lost weight around the mid section.

There are several ways of performing these back workouts including neutral-grip pull up, chin up and pull ups.

Neutral-grip pull up: It involves grabbing the parallel handles of a chin up station so that your palms face each other.

Chin up: To perform this workout, you grab the bar with a shoulder-width underhand grip.

Pull up: You use similar movements as chin ups. However you grab the bar with a slightly wider overhand grip unlike the shoulder-width grip in the chin up.


Dead-lifts are workouts where you lift a decent amount of weights. During these back workouts, the back works not only to antagonistically stabilize the torso, it also locks out the weight to finish the movement.

To perform dead-lifts, load a barbell and roll it against your shins. Bend at the hips and knees as you grab the bar with an overhand grip while keeping the hands beyond shoulder width. Keep the lower back arched, pull up the torso and push your hips forward as you stand up with the barbell. Lower the barbell to the floor and repeat the exercise.

Lat pull-downs

While the chin up is considered one of the best back workouts, the lat pull down is also great for increasing back muscles. To get the most out of this exercise, perform it at a slow pace. With time, you will feel the lats working each rep.

To engage in this workout, sit down at a pull down station and grab the bar with overhand grip just beyond the shoulder width. Without moving the torso, pull your shoulders back and down while bringing the bar down to the chest. Take a deep breath and slowly return to the starting position.

Front squat

You probably did not expect to see squats in the list of the best back workouts, however, they are great for strengthening the back muscles. To perform squats, you have to place the barbell in front of your body. This means that your back muscles have to work extra hard to keep the torso upright to prevent you from tipping forward.

To perform squats, grab a barbell using shoulder-width grip and place it in front across the top of your shoulders. Raise your upper arms until they are parallel to the floor and allow the bar to roll back on your fingertips. Without letting the elbows drop, lower the body by pushing the hips back and bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

*results may vary

*always consult a doctor before starting any exercise program and it is best to start off with a trainer to help with the form

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Back Workouts
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