Best Dogs For Runners

Cardio Partner

Cardio is one of the hardest things to get me to do. It needs to be a part of your workout, though. If you like running outside like I do it is always good to have someone there to help you along the way. There will be times where you feel like you don’t want to run and they are there to help push you out the door. I like to go running with my dog, but not all dogs are created equally when it comes to running. Below you will find 7 of the best dogs for runners.

They can be the best partner for individuals who love running. But not all dogs suit all types of runners. Dogs that need exercise are some of the best dogs for runners. Some dogs like to run longer distances than others so it is important to find just the right one. At the end I will tell you from my experience what do I think is the best dog for runners.

Best Dogs For Runners

Choose Wisely

So, one should take proper care while choosing the best dogs for running. Some dogs can keep up their pace for long distances well others can’t even though they may like to run. One of the best parts about choosing a dog as a running partner is they never complain because they need the exercise. If trained properly they follow and obey their master. This could take several hours of dog training classes before they are ready to run.

If you are new to running you are going to want to work up to longer distances just as the dog will need to too. Even dogs tend to have breathing problems and overheating if they do not work up to the longer distance. In this article, we will take you through the best dogs to run with and provide some tips in choosing the best dog that matches your type. The dogs are also categorized into various running types and they should be chosen with great care.

It is important to take a water for you and your dog on your run. Just as you need to stay hydrated so does your dog. Take a plastic water bottle full or water and a dog dish that collapses so you can give your dog a little drink when he or she becomes thirsty.

Keep in mind when choosing your dog for running you pick one that is going to work with how much you want to run a day as well.

7 Best Dogs For Runners

1) German Shepherd 

They have strong muscles and are well built. They have the drive to keep going. They make awesome pets as well. As with any dog, the temperament will vary. They have longer fur so they may not do as well in hotter climates when it comes to running. They cover a lot of ground and can run for 10 miles and more.


2) Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is one of the best long distance running dogs and it is proven with the race that they compete every year in AlaskaThey are the best companion that can be offered in cold climates, but you should make sure that they are hydrated and take ample rest before the journey. There are also few dogs that can do well in temperate climates. As the previous breed, this one’s long fur doesn’t make it good for hotter climates.

3) Australian Shepherd

They are agile that makes them unstoppable and they run effortlessly and are never tiring. They require exercise every day and even if you miss out, they will force you into taking a good run if you have trained it in a good way. Most are calm and loved by all people and easy to train as well. 

4) Golden Retriever

They are one of the obedient dogs and always in search of a good company for a good run. It has the habit of staying by your side instead of chasing everything that is moving which many dogs do and this makes the dog look so cute and humble. They are powerful with good strength and stamina. 

5) Rhodesian Ridgeback

They are the natives of South Africa and have the ability to chase lions. The coats are sleek but are enough to handle the heat. They are happy to go on a long run or to sit back and play on the couch. As mentioned they have shorter hair so would do good in the hotter climates and not as good in the colder climates.

6) German Shorthaired pointer

By looking at them one can say they are made for long running. Their body is streamlined with thin limbs and has the looks of a marathoner. Though they look weak, they have all the stamina to make you sweat with long runs. Most of the time they aren’t affected by overheating, because of their coats which are quite similar to that of the Ridgebacks.

7) Weimaraner

Here it is this my favorite breed to run with. Smartest, most loyal dog, I have ever owned. He loves to run and never gets tired. They are also a product of Germany and have long legs that give them long strides. They have better lung capacity which makes them suitable for longer runs and off-road runs. They are fast and adaptable and are known for their services during the World War as they carried messages across to troops. They are not well suited to be living in dungeon-like places like an apartment unless given a lot of exercise. They always look for opportunities to go out and do some exercise, running, and roaming. I love this breed 

These are only 7 of the many best dogs for runners. As I stated above the Weimaraner is my favorite. I can imagine I would love running with the German Shorthaired Pointer since the 2 breeds are considered to be cousins.

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As always invest in your health

Best Dogs For Runners
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