Increase Human Growth Hormone

Increase Human Growth Hormone

What is Human Growth Hormone

You might be saying what is human growth hormone? Human Growth Hormone is an essential protein produced naturally in the pituitary gland in the brain. The human growth hormone is transported through the bloodstream to all body tissues. It enhances the growth of cells, regeneration, and maintenance of healthy tissues, the brain and other major organs. Healthy male adults secrete just below 5 nano grams per milliliter of the human growth hormone. Females produce about twice as much to cater for childbearing. The onset of puberty is known to increase human growth hormone but there is a significant decrease during the early 20s.

Some people believe that if you increase human growth hormone as you get older it will slow the aging process. As stated by the mayo clinic this isn’t true. There is little evidence that supports that it reduces ageing. There are some cases where HGH should be given to adults with certain diseases. Listed below are a few benefits to increased human growth hormone none of which state that it reverses or slows aging.

*You should always consult a doctor before any treatment of any kind.

8 benefits of increased human growth hormone

The body is able to to produce the human growth growth hormone naturally but an injection can increase human growth hormone in the bodies of deficient individuals. Lack of the human growth hormone in children is associated with slow or retarded growth. Deficiency in adults is known to cause fitness and health issues. High amounts of the human growth hormone in the body has important benefits including

1. Fracture Healing

Human growth hormone stimulates collagen synthesis in the tendons and skeletal muscles. This raises the physical capacity of individuals by increasing their muscle strength and exercise performance.

2. Fracture Healing

High amounts of the human growth hormone speeds up bone regeneration rate. This contributes to the wear and tear repair which expedites bone healing.

3. Weight loss

Human growth hormone accelerates lipid breakdown and free fatty acids. This enhances the loss of body fat and the secretion of the growth hormone enhancing proper weight loss.

4. Bone strength

The pituitary gland where human growth hormone is produced is known to regulate the growth of bones especially in puberty. The human growth hormone stimulates bone formation and increases the bone mass.

5. Reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease

Deficiency of human growth hormone in the body is highly associated risks of the cardiovascular disease. This is caused by the alteration of the metabolism of lipids and proteins. This has an association with reduced life expectancy.

6. Improved erectile dysfunction

Human growth hormone is associated with sexual growth and reproduction in males. Its deficiency may cause loss of erection and sexual desire.

7. Decreased obesity

Human growth hormone has posted good results with treatment of obesity. Reduced amounts of the hormone cause insulin resistance and abdominal obesity.

8. Better sleep

Sleep is known to increased human growth hormone secretion in the body. Large amounts of the hormone are produced during the first hours of sleep. Lack of sleep reduces the production of the human growth hormone.

How can you increase human growth hormone?

1. Exercise

High-intensity exercises has been proven to stimulate human growth hormone secretion

2. Laughter

The secretion of the human growth hormone is triggered by laughter. This has been proven by high secretions been observed in individuals exposed to humorous occurrences.

3. Liver cleansing

The detoxification of the liver helps with more human growth hormone production in the body as poor functioning of the liver hinders the production of the hormone.

4. Injection

The human growth hormone can also be artificially introduced into the body through prescribed injection.

The side effects

The side effects of the human growth hormone in the body include toe and fingers enlargement, lengthening of jaws, and enlarged internal organs. Abuse of the hormone causes cardiomyopathy and may cause death.

It is, therefore, important to check your human growth hormone levels with your physician so you can act in the right way depending on the result you get.

*results may vary

Increase Human Growth Hormone
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