Hyde V3 vs Mr. Hyde

Pro Supps Hyde V3

Pro Supps Hyde V3

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Brief Description of Hyde V3

Pro Supps has come out with a new version of their famous pre – workout drink. This one is called Hyde V3 it comes with all the same ingredients as the first 2 versions but this version as 2 new ingredients Teacrine and Swertia Chirayita. According to Compound Solutions Teacrine will help reduce fatigue, better focus, and promotes positive moods. Swertia Chirayita according to the Nutrient Journal it is an antioxident.

My personal review of the Hyde V3 vs Mr. Hyde

I have been using Mr. Hyde for about 4 months. I enjoy high stimulate products so this product is perfect for me. When I heard Pro Supps had come out with a new version of their famous pre – workout I had to try it.


The first time I tried it I noticed the longer lasting pump. It has been a month now and I am still noticing the longer pump. I notice that it kicks in faster in the regular Mr. Hyde as well. My gains have stayed consistent as when I was just using Mr. Hyde. The major difference for me has been how it makes me feel. I highly suggest trying this product if you like the Mr. Hyde you should love Hyde V3 as well. My favorite flavor is the blue razz.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the container of Hyde V3 was the powder was fluffier than what I was used to seeing in the Mr. Hyde. Although it was the same flavor I get every time with the Mr. Hyde the Hyde V3 blue razz tasted slightly different but still good.

*results may very

According to the Pro Supps website

This is what you can find in Hyde V3


Serving Size 1 scoop 7 grams

Hyde V3 Ingredient Label


Hyde V3 vs Mr. Hyde
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