Lat Workouts to Give You That Desired Look

Lat Workouts

Lat Workouts to Get Your Back in Shape

If your lats aren’t looking the way you want them to you may need to try these fresh variations of back-building movements to get your desired look. It’s always a good idea to change up your routine after a few weeks. Your regular rows and pull-ups and vice-versa may not help you achieve the physique where each lat on your back pops like you want it too. So, if you want to get the back as one of the most well-known bodybuilders such as Jay Cutler and Dorian Yates, you need to know about these new lat workouts designed for your back.

Your back muscles and biceps work together to pull and so almost all the back exercises you know of primarily involving the group as a whole. Working out your biceps and lats together is a good combination because of this. These exercises activate the 2 muscle groups at the same time. But no back workout will be effectively complete without working the lats. This is why we have rounded up some of the most effective lat workouts here for building a back rife and deep channeled muscularity.

These below-mentioned exercises attack the entire group of pull muscles including your biceps. Thus, you should regularly perform these movements and with precision. Your form is everything so don’t start with too heavy of weights that you can’t nail the form. Form over heavyweights.

Lat Workouts

*before you start any workout consult your doctor

*start with only what you can handle

Single-Arm Long-Bar Row 3 Sets x 10 Reps

Negative Pull-up: 3 Sets until failure each time

Kneeling Isolateral Cable Pull Down 3 Sets x 10 Reps

Sitting Pull-downs: 3 Sets x 10 Reps

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Single-Arm Long-Bar Row:

This is a new exercise designed as an upgrade to the single-arm dumbbell row. In this exercise, you will be required to use a barbell anchored at one end for allowing you to achieve a greater range of motion.

Set up in a way that barbell comes at your side. Keep your chest up and back flat and bend over to grasp the bar near the collar. Make sure to keep your grip neutral during this exercise. Now keep your knees bent and pull your elbow as high as you can. Your body should remain square and face forward without any twisting. Keeping your head neutrally aligned is also an important aspect to keep in mind.

Negative Pull-up:

This is a brand new technique applied to your old pull-up. Here, a powerful contraction is built on the lat fibers while resisting the negative stretch. Because you have been working on pull-ups for a while and have made your eccentric stronger, it is time to work on concentric. This exercise will let you work on your lats till you start feeling exhausted.

For performing negatives, you will need to place a stool beneath you. This will enable you to stand or jump back to the position while taking three to five seconds to lower yourself. In this movement, you need to go very slowly so that you don’t lose control over your body. Your set will finally come to an end when you are no longer able to control your descending body.

Kneeling Isolateral Cable Pull-Down:

You must have used the lat pull-down station before. Here, in this variation of the lat pull-down, all you have to do is to change the angle of pull by positioning yourself on your knees between two upper pulleys. Because there is no way to anchor yourself down in this exercise, you won’t have to handle as much weight. This is an amazing movement to concentrate on your lats.

Use cables and set them to the top position. Now take off the handles because you will have to grasp just the rubber balls in this exercise. Grip the right-side cable with the right hand and left-side cable with the left hand. You should hold the ball between your thumb and index finger.

Now center yourself and drop to your knees while keeping the torso erect and chest out. With your grip underhand, rotate your hands smoothly. Now you have to squeeze your lats in the peak-contracted position by driving your elbows into your sides smoothly.

Sitting Pull-downs

This is done on a machine. You will sit with your back straight and grab the bar above your head. Make sure you grab the bar on the outside and pull straight down. Don’t lean back-wards keep your back straight remember it is all about form. Let the bar return back to its start position slowly its all about the negative resistance.

The back is a very complex group of muscles which needs unique positions and angles to develop it fully. Pulling vertically and horizontally and performing other such exercises that focus on each lat exclusively will help you get the famous V taper.
Muscles in your upper middle back perform an important role in maintaining an optimal posture during your daily activities. Lat workouts improve the overall performance of the back along with other muscle groups including biceps. If you leave your back muscles weak and untrained, you can end up negatively affecting your body’s dynamic posture.

*results may vary

*check with your doctor before starting any new exercises

Invest in your health you will thank yourself later

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Lat Workouts to Give You That Desired Look
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