Mass Building Back Workout

Mass Building Back Workout

Today was my mass building back workout day. I love working out my back. I am starting to get nice V – Shape down my back.

My back workout that you are going to see below is something that only takes me around 30 minutes to complete. It is what got me my wings on my back and helped get me started on that V – shape.

If your like I used to be when I started back in the gym you have a hard time deciding what really works your back out. It turns out it’s pretty simple. Any back workout you are going to be doing will have you pulling down, pulling up, and pulling weight towards your chest. Notice a pattern there you are always going to be pulling weight.

Great Back Workout – Body Weight Exercise

Back Workouts

Wide grip pull ups are something you can do at home. Wide grip pull ups will give your back a nice workout. It will work your biceps out a little as well. If you have a hard time doing a pull up and you weigh 250 lbs its because you are trying to lift 250 lbs. Don’t feel bad if your friend is doing 20 pull ups and you can barely do 1. He or she might only weigh 110 lbs. It is a lot easier for him or her.

Wide grip pull ups are a great body weight exercise for your back. Great exercise to bust out at home if you have a place to do it and a free couple of minutes. In no time you will see improvement

Mass Building Back Workout

My 30 minute mass building back workout is pretty simple. You are going to be doing rows on a machine, lat pull downs, dead lifts, bent over rows, and wide grip pull ups on a pull up machine.

30 Minute Back Workout

My Back Workout is listed below feel free to use it. Always check with a doctor before starting any new workout.

If you would like this workout in a spread sheet format or pdf go to the contact page and email me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mass Building Back Workout

Date Date Date Date Date Date
Back Workout            
Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight
Pull Ups
Dead Lifts
Bent over Rows
Lat Pull Down
Row Machine

The quickest way to get a hold of me is just to message me scan the image below.

*results may vary and it may take you longer than 30 minutes

* Always check with a doctor before performing any new exercise.

Mass Building Back Workout
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