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I am going to give you a quick review. If you typed the phrase “anabolic steroids” in any major search engine, would be among the first few websites on the search engine’s ranking. It is among the few web-based pharmacies that have made a name for themselves in the world of steroid products. The website’s popularity has highly increased due to their low priced products and their convenience. The ability to get a wide variety of products makes them also very attractive.

If you are not interested in anabolic steroids, you can opt to purchase some of the other products they offer. Their products include insulin, oral anabolic steroids, steroid sachets, and herbs. They also supply Ancillaries, needles, and syringes. Furthermore, they are supplying prescription medications from the top brands around the world.

The major source of their products

Despite being among the leading online pharmacies with hundreds of resources, Napsgear is a producer of several great products. And because they are proud of their products and need more regular customers, they have produced many lab-results/HPLC/COA’s as a way of validating the purity of their products.

Their country of origin offers a stable environment for the products manufacture. Geneza Pharmaceuticals, their pharmaceutical products manufacturing company, produce all their brand products, which several international licensing companies have approved. Napsgear also sources most of its products from several countries around the world such as China, India, and European countries.
No matter where you are, you will have to wait for a few days to get your products after placing an order. What’s more, you should understand that they do not ship products on the weekend.

Mid Review sum up.

If you don’t feel like reading this this whole review in a Before you go any further in this review I am going to say if you are looking for the real deal when it comes to steroids you are not going to be disappointed. Some of these websites claim to have what your looking for but they aren’t real steroids. Yes there are some hurdles you have to jump and as you will see its not like a normal company but

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Why purchase from

To most individuals, Napgear’s concept sounds more like a bodybuilder’s market place. But do customers get exactly what the site promises? Most people consider purchasing from the site for these various reasons.

First, you can easily reach their customer support. The site offers both live support and email support systems to allow faster and more efficient communication with their customers at any time of the day. The site also provides many informative videos and articles to help their potential customers know about the various drugs they offer and the most effective bodybuilding techniques.

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After purchasing any product on, you should wait for at least three or four business days once they have received the payment before you check on if it has shipped. They offer various shipping methods including EMS and courier express. And even though your local customs are likely to seize your shipment, the site seems to reship products to some countries if that happened. You can choose to use their return policy if you do not like the product they send you, but you will have to wait for at least four weeks to receive the replacement item.

The bad and the ugly about

Before reading the many customer reviews available on the internet, you can dig just below the surface to get a few facts. To start with, CIPA (a reliable pharmaceuticals reviewer) has not registered the company. To many individuals that might not sound bad. However, most of the available customer reviews have rated the website poorly. Which people always are more likely to write their complaints versus the good. Owning a business I know this first hand.

Despite their popularity, the organization has a marred reputation. One of the key reasons behind that is poor and unreliable shipping history. Some customers will never receive their big orders – 1000’s of dollars in orders. Some might receive them after several months. Seemingly, that has to do with how they outsource their products. Local customs may also seize some of the packages. Dealing with businesses over seas you are going to have a lot of problems like this. Whenever I have ordered from over seas it always takes longer because of customs.
Customers who receive their orders are less likely to complain about the quality of the products. Moreover, they rarely complain about the organization’s customer services even though it might involve generic scripted and robotic responses – that happens on most key online retail outlets.

What the customers say in their Napsgear review

It is hard to ignore the many stories and complaints about the organization seen in Napsgear reviews. Most customers complain that orders go missing after many months of waiting. They also complain about escalating trouble tickets. Napsgear might give many excuses but because they mainly supply steroid products, you should be happy that they do supply them at a cheaper price.

The products on the site are not expensive and are not cheap. The prices are generally good. However, some individuals claim that they can easily get the same products from other suppliers at cheaper prices. That depends on the consumer. If you think that you can get the same product somewhere else at a cheaper price, you should go for it.

The organization sells authorized products, which offer results. In most reviews, customers complain about bad shipping. Some customers never receive their orders, something that has made the website somehow untrustworthy and suspicious.
Typically, a large number of customers have liked the website and are recommending it to others, but there are some who claim that it is a scam. They claim to have lost their money in the ordering process and unfriendly customer service. Nevertheless, if you decide to shop from the organization, you should know all the risk that come with shopping over seas.

Their payment options

Napsgear only accepts money Gram, Sigue, Bitcoin, wired money transfer and Western Union payments. They do not except paypall or have the ability to except your credit card. After placing an order, Napsgear will send the payment details to your email within a short time. It seems a little sketchy but a lot of people use them

Do they offer any coupon codes? offers several opportunities to help their customers get more products at cheaper prices. On the website, you will find several active promotions, loyalty discount program and if you pay with bitcoins you will receive 20% off. What’s more, some products on the site attract discounts of 50% for limited time periods. They also release coupon codes regularly with an option to save at least 20% on every order – special coupons might relate to particular products. The coupons mostly appear on their forums.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for trusted anabolic steroid sources, you should consider In addition to steroids, they offer many other pharmaceutical products that they ship to many countries around the globe. They have been offering steroids from the world’s most famous brands for a long time. Apart from caring about their customers’ health, they also want to create more satisfied customers. They arrange their steroid shipping through EMS and courier express. You can also choose to track your orders with the tracking information they give you.

I hope this review has been helpful. It is never easy when dealing with companies overseas but I do believe they try to make it as painless as possible. Review
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