Thou Shalt Not Miss Leg Day

Leg Workout

Hard hitting leg workout! I just got done hitting my legs real hard this morning! It was leg day for me today. Whenever I workout my legs I like to have a partner to push me as hard as I can go. Really workout with a partner is one of the best things you can do for your self. Not only is he there to push you and spot you but he or she can make sure you have the proper form. Form follows function is what I was always taught in architecture school In this case your muscle development follows form. Form is the most important thing. It is better to do less weight and more reps than use bad form.

Legs are probably one of my least favorite muscle groups to workout but they are one of the most important. They are the trunk of your body. Just like a tree needs a solid trunk if it is going to grow big and strong so do you. Some people like to break up there leg workout into 2 days they do their quads and calves one day and than the next day they do light calves and hit their hams.


Out of all the exercises listed below the leg lunges is what gets me ever time. This leg workout really gets me soar every time. Its good to change up your workouts every couple weeks.

Leg Workout

Leg Workout

Leg Machine weight weight weight weight weight weight
Hack Squat Machine 3 x 10
Leg Extensions w/ Chains 3 x 10 both legs 10 each leg
Step up Lunges 20 each leg
Leg Press 50 Reps
Calf Machine 3 set 20 reps

*results may vary

*check with a doctor before you start any new workout or diet

Invest in your health without your health you have nothing.

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Thou Shalt Not Miss Leg Day
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