Welcome to Bodybuilding by John


Realized I was almost 40

Like many I had let myself go for many years. It wasn’t until I turned 38 that I realized I needed to do something. I am 38 with 6 kids and a wife. I was 277 lbs and 38 years old. If I want to live a full life and be able to see my kids grow and see their kids I better start doing something. I decided it was time. I also realized I was working to much, to hard, and dealing with to much bull shit at work. I needed to put myself in a healthier state of mind.

I decided March 1st was going to be my starting date. The date I would start changing my life for the better. I started with baby goals. Starting walking my dog at night, started going to the gym in the morning after I would drop my kids off at school before work. Each time I would reach my goal I would set another, and another. I can help you do the same thing. 


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We can do this together. I was once in your shoes!

Welcome to Bodybuilding by John
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