Yoga Benefits for Men

Yoga Benefits for Men
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Benefits Yoga has for MEN

Yoga Benefits for Men
Yoga Benefits for Men

As I get older I get wiser. Well so I would like to think. One thing I know I have gotten wiser about is Yoga for men. That’s right I said it. Yoga is for men it isn’t just for women. I think yoga caught on for women way before us men decided to give it a try. Why? I think it is because we are less comfortable with getting into a room with a bunch of people and trying poses and positions that men have a harder time mastering. It’s true if a man falls over especially in a room full of people he isn’t going to like it. It’s a masculinity thing. We don’t like to look like we don’t know what were doing. Well it’s time to get over ourselves. Here is a few yoga benefits for men.


5 Yoga Benefits for Men

Better Sex

  1. Yoga benefit for men #1 better sex. Who doesn’t want better sex, longer lasting sex. No more having to say don’t move, don’t do it. You know you’ve been there before. By training your body and mind to focus and relax it is going to translate into the bedroom. You will be able to strengthen your concentration skills, and channel your energy and have longer lasting sex. Your new developed skills will help with premature ejaculation. This will help you and your partner harmonize in the bedroom. You won’t have to say “don’t move, don’t move” just for it to be over before just after it started.


  1. Yoga benefit for men #2 better flexibility. This one should be obvious but just to reiterate it. Yoga is going to make you more flexible there is no doubt about this. If your not a flexible person like myself that’s ok because there are ways to modify every position until you are.  Every yoga class is going to have one or two moves that is going to help you twist your spine and loosen it up. This helps detoxify your body,

Relieves Stress

  1. Yoga benefit for men #3. By teaching your body to relax it helps you see the big picture. This helps train your body for when a stressful situation arises you approach it with a calmer attitude because you see the bigger picture. With repetition you will be a more calmer individual overall.

Lean Muscle Building

  1. Yoga benefit for men #4. You are using your own body weight in every pose. This means that for instance me I am 220 lbs. I am pushing and stretching 220 lbs in many different directions which is going to give me well defined muscles.

Push you to your limits

  1. Yoga benefit for men #5. You are going to learn to push your limits. Once you find the right class for you it is going to push you to your limits. More then likely you will be able to skip the gym on your yoga days.


Don’t Give Up!

Yoga is something that isn’t going to be easy to begin with but as with anything it will become easier and easier every class you do. If your like me and have a busy life style then you may want to find a online class. There are many of them out there and find the one that is right for you. If you are interested in the class I use click here. I have been using it for several weeks now and I couldn’t be more happy. Enjoy and have a Yoga Day!

A good online Yoga Class Click here

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Remember to set small obtainable goals even in Yoga

* Please note there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

Yoga Benefits for Men
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