Killer Quad Workout For Your Legs

Quad Workouts

Today was leg day and my quads and hams are feeling it tonight. I am always on the lookout for a good quad workout and I have finally found one. It is really a good leg workout in general. I really can’t believe how sore they are, but that is good. When ever I train my legs I like to have someone there to push me as hard as I can go. Today I didn’t have a lifting partner but I still crushed it.

Killer Leg Workout

Legs Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight
Calf 3 x 50
Leg Curl 3 x 20
lunges 3 sets up & down gym
Abductor Machine 3 x 25
Prone Leg Curl 3 x 20
Leg Extension 3 x 20
Leg Press 10 x 10 @ the 5 set start taking weight off each set

Working out the legs is just as important as working out any other part of the body. However, most people tend to pay less attention to leg workouts as opposed to other parts of the body. More attention is paid to the upper body where the muscles are more visible and important in defining a person’s physique.

However, exercising your legs is highly important. You stand to lose a lot with weak legs so you’d better create a leg day out of your gym schedule to strengthen your quadriceps. Incorporating the correct quad workout, you will reap the benefits that come with strong upper legs. Understanding what you stand to gain from this will motivate you.

Quad Workout Benefits

1. Weak Legs

Truth be told, having big and well-defined muscles on the torso will appear awkward if not ridiculous if the legs are small, skinny and neglected. If you are into body building, you should know that the judges look at the muscles in the entire body. Most people assume that it is the upper body that counts. Proportion and symmetry are what they are after and with skinny legs, you will fall short of this qualification.

2. Burn Even More Calories

Thought that cardiovascular exercises are the only to-go-to workout for massive weight loss? Think again. You stand to burn even more body fat through a good hard quad workout compared to upper body workouts such as lateral raises and bicep curls. This is especially so if you’re incorporating multi-joint compound exercises. You will notice a loss of inches all around your body. With leg exercises trigger the release of hormones which promote weight loss. The leg muscles are so large that getting deep into the workouts will engage the upper body muscles hence, even more, fat burn and muscle growth /strengthening.

3. Stronger Bones

Did you know that resistance training and weight-bearing exercises are vital in the management of arthritis and osteoporosis? There are certain known workouts proven to strengthen the bones. These include; front squats, calf raises, stiff-legged dead lifts, leg presses among much more. If you have been diagnosed with any bone related condition, it is best that you consult your doctor before performing any of these exercises.

4. Reduced Risk of Injury

You stand a greater chance of injury with weak legs than you do with strong built legs. Most upper body strength training workouts engage the legs for stability and power to perform the workouts. Exercises such as squats and lunges promote strength and stability in the knees. This is vital in preventing ACL tears.

5. Become a Better Athlete

Are you an athlete? Then it’s about time you incorporated some leg exercises into your gym routine. The power that’s generated from the lower body is essential for almost all sports. Even simple exercises such as jogging and running has cardiovascular benefits but it requires a pair of strong legs. A well-built lower body will enable you to exert the maximum amount of force within the shortest amount of time which makes your sprints faster and more explosive.

There is more than one quad workout that you can engage in to increase the muscle mass and strength in your legs. If you are new to this, it is best that you begin with simple yet effective exercises, then advance to using weights. Feel free to ask for assistance from your fitness instructor with lifting the weights for safety purposes.

*results may vary

*always ask your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise.

Invest in health without your health. Your health is the most important.

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Killer Quad Workout For Your Legs
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