Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Exercises

Examples Of Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder exercises are some of my favorite exercises to do. You probably already know this from my previous post. In fact I just got done working out my shoulders today. Let’s admit it, having a pair of well-sculpted shoulders makes anyone look great. Shoulders enhance the male or feminine physique and are the best add-ons to a sleeveless shirt or dress. Unfortunately, the shoulders are also one of the most unstable joints in the human body. They are prone to injury especially due to vigorous athletic activities or even daily activities such as washing walls, gardening, and other chores that involve swinging of the arm. This is usually a result of the shoulder ball: which is larger than the socket holding it, being forced out of its normal position.

As such, it’s vital to make the shoulder muscles, ligaments, and tendons strong so that they can keep the balls’ in place. Shoulder exercises are crucial and ought to be part of our weekly training schedule.

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Shoulder Exercises
Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight Weight
Barbell Press
Arnold Press
Classic Push – Up
Barbell Push Press
Dumbell Raises

Benefits to Training the shoulders

– Give astonishing body posture and form.

– Helps to perform other body exercises.

– Improve flexibility which in turn enhance the overall body strength.

– Helps to avoid injury.

– Improves the everyday tasks like lifting and reaching for objects.

With this in mind, let us look at a few winning shoulder exercises that will make your shoulders more fit thus allow you to lift heavier weights and also give you a fantastic body structure.

Seated Overhead Barbell Press

This great workout concentrates on your upper body and more so the shoulders. While seated comfortably on a bench, lift the barbell over to your chest and ultimately way over your head. You can carefully lower the weights behind your head but in the case of sore shoulders, keep the bar in front. Apart from being one of the most approved shoulder exercises, overhead barbell press boosts of overall arm strength and increase in triceps. You can start with simple light weights doing three sets of at least ten lifts four times per week and then challenge yourself in time by slowly increasing the weights.

Arnold Press

Arnold press is one of the best shoulder exercises many fitness trainers use during work outs with their clients. It involves lifting dumbbells way overhead and then lowering them to the shoulder level, while instantaneously rotating the wrists just a little till the palms face forward and then lifting them up again simultaneously. You can begin with at least five lifts per set, which you can increase to ten lifts in due time. Do the exercise three to four sets per week.

The classic push-up

These are simple shoulder exercises that can even be done at home. In the push-ups, stretch your body on the floor in a straight-arm plank position with your knees apart so as to avoid injury. Lower your body slowly until the chest touches the ground while keeping your neck and head in neutral position and the back straight. Do not change form as you raise back the body. You can start with at least three sets of five push-ups three to four times a week until you can work out sets of ten push-ups.

Barbell push press

The barbell push press is considered to be a whole body development exercise that involves lifting a barbell way above the head while standing with the knees slightly bent. Although it’s a common form of exercise, the barbell push press may not be your everyday choice of training, but it’s an awesome muscle booster that can be done once in a while.

These are just but a few shoulder exercises that you can include in your training schedule at your gym or at home. Remember, keeping your shoulder muscles strong or fit helps to reduce stress on the joints and makes you less susceptible to inherent shoulder problems such as bursitis and tendonitis!


Shoulder Exercises
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