Military Diet

May 2, 2017 BodyBuilding by John 0

You won’t find it in any book or library, in fact, it’s free and available online, the entire diet plan is outlined for you below. It’s called the Military Diet or the 3 Day Diet […]

Deltoid Exercises

February 24, 2017 BodyBuilding by John 0

Benefits of Deltoid Exercises The deltoids are important muscles that are the central abductor of your arms. These muscles are an integral part of your shoulder’s appearance. They help you to have a V-shaped torso, […]

Shoulder Exercises

February 23, 2017 BodyBuilding by John 0

Examples Of Shoulder Exercises Shoulder exercises are some of my favorite exercises to do. You probably already know this from my previous post. In fact I just got done working out my shoulders today. Let’s […]

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